5 Hotham Street, Collingwood
Victoria 3066, Australia




James Cameron

Inspired by a range of influences including 1960s French spy films, mid-century office interiors and the photo-realistic work of Thomas Demand, the James Cameron store explores themes of repetition, pattern and both physical and emotional tension.

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At the crux of this temporary store, floating above a black and white chequerboard stone floor, over 400 spearmint coloured document archive boxes line the wall.  These are reflected in the flanking mirrored planes to create a seemingly endless gridded backdrop to the store and the collection.  Hovering beyond these boxes, a matrix of black tubular extrusions anchors the fitting rooms below and juxtaposes with the adjacent rhythms of the archive boxes and chequerboard flooring.

Location Melbourne
Client James Cameron
Collaboration Joinery / Xilo
Photographer Scottie Cameron
Completion Date 2008