5 Hotham Street, Collingwood
Victoria 3066, Australia





Interface: People, Machines, Design is an exhibition which examines how design has been applied to information technology products; and how a handful of companies made these accessible. The design response is based on principles which underpin the design of many of the objects within the exhibition: simplicity, order and rationality.

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The core design approach is an understanding of the objects. Their history, context, materiality, coloration, size and relationship to the other pieces within the wider narrative of the exhibition. Variation in object density, scale, display heights and viewing angles are all used to ensure the objects are individually captivating and legible, and collectively informative and cohesive.

The spatial arrangement of the exhibition is a response to the three curatorial sections of the exhibition and the physical layout of the Gallery. The objects are displayed in one of two contexts; within a modular wall frame or on top of a large custom illuminated ‘table top’.

The open wall frame allows the curation of objects into curatorial stories and also frames views out of the exhibition into the wider context of the Museum. The table top, set to the height of a domestic table, allows visitors to view ‘household’ objects, typewriters, personal computers and printers in a familiar relationship to the user.   The language of both of these display systems is simple, geometric and neutral, with an effortlessness approach to allow the objects to inhabit them without competition. Both elements are modular for future adaptation and re-use.

Many of the objects are layered onto base materials which have a direct relationship to the context and qualities of the items. These materials are simple, subtle, recessive, tactile and, in response to the largely neutral object spectrum, chromatic. A series of polished acrylic plinths and cases complete this language to elevate, protect and carry labelling as required.

Considered integration of supporting information and audio visual content completes the design language to provide a personality that is informed, legible and unifying.

Location Sydney
Client Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences
Collaboration Leuver Design
Photographer Sean Fennessy
Completion Date August 2014