5 Hotham Street, Collingwood
Victoria 3066, Australia




The Happy Place

DesignOffice were asked by our friends at The Office for Good Design to design The Happy Place: an ephemeral space at designEx from which to enjoy the speaker series, 7 Kinds of Happiness: Conversations on Design and Emotion.

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The environment was conceived to create an inclusive and uplifting ephemeral setting for engaging in discussion about the relationship between design and emotion. The composition of material, colour and form were all developed with the aim of providing guests with a sense of familiarity and tactility.

The Happy Place was created with two main elements: the landscape and the sky. The landscape is a three-dimensional gradated fabric composition of colour – shifting from rich olive green to soft peach. Suspended above this, hangs the sky; a light, bright textured lining. Constructed from customised duvets, the suspension provides a happy sense of enclosure and comfort. The materials used were subsequently donated to a local homeless shelter.

Sitting as objects within the landscape and underneath the sky, The Happy Place is completed by a series of follies. A white arched entry procession leads into an environment animated by rocking seats and glowing pools of light.

Fabric supplied by Kvadrat Maharam

Loose furniture provided by Wilkhahn

Location Sydney
Client The Office for Good Design
Photographer Scottie Cameron
Completion Date May 2012